Eventos Musicales Ibiza Eventos Musicales Ibiza Carrer des Fornàs, 41, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, España

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Carrer des Fornàs, 41, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, España

Musical Events Ibiza was born in 2002 with the clear intention of positioning the island as one of the tour destinations of the main groups and artists of the country. Thus, in the last decade, groups of renowned prestige such as 'El Canto del Loco', 'La Oreja de Van Gogh', 'Fito y Fitipaldis', 'Hombres G', 'El Sueño de Morfeo' have paraded through the Pitiusas. , 'the Guard' or 'Butterfly Effect' and have brought to the Pitiusas their works artists such as David Bisbal, Melendi, Carlihos Brown, Carlos Baute, David de María, Antonio Orozco or Soraya. Musical Events Ibiza has also established itself as a company capable of giving life to successful events such as The Beer Fair, the Ibiza Beach Polo, the Adlib Catwalk or the Festibosc. From their first act, in which they produced a modest Hip-Hop festival to all who have left to interpret, their managers, Miguel Ángel Serra and Joaquín Ibarra, with extensive professional experience in radio formula, put on stage, all the challenges before those who face, with a logistics capable of covering any need.


Thus, Musical Events Ibiza offers its customers comprehensive production, management, coordination, promotion and communication services of any kind. With a philosophy based on quality, Musical Events Ibiza has a human and technical team that stands out for its extensive experience, and guarantees seriousness. Guarantor of that professionalism is the broad institutional support it has, as well as its extensive portfolio of satisfied accounts. After ten years giving the note in the Pitiusas, the aim of this company is to grow outside the islands and increase its portfolio of services with the development of theme parties, recruitment of actors and performances and concert management of local artists.

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